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April 8, 2013
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Strike Witches OC: Irina Popova Concept #3 by Jatts-Art Strike Witches OC: Irina Popova Concept #3 by Jatts-Art
This is my 3rd concept art for Irina! An original character based in the Strike Witches universe!
This picture shows off the different outfits she wears.

Name: Irina Popova.

Sex: Female.

Age: 21 in 1950.

Country: Orussia.

Affiliation(s): Orussian Air Force.

Rank(s): Formally Flight Lieutenant (Captain), before being court-martialed.

Appearance: Wispy short brown hair, brown eyes, large scar on her right cheek. Wears boxing tape around her hands. Known to tie her old officer coat around her waist, wears a tank top with white and red stripes, white panties, black Orussian leather boots. Also wears an Orussian red beret on occasion.

Animal Familiar: Kamchatka Brown Bear.

Striker: Based on the Mig-17.

Weapon(s): Her fists and an AK-47.

Abilities: A powerful charge of energy in her hands that releases when she punches. Can also use magic to toughen her body.

Background: Has a long history of violence. Court-martialed for beating a higher ranking witch unconscious for insulting her. Also used live ammunition during training. Enjoys boxing on her free time.

Personality: No regard for other people's lives. Has an incredible temper and is easily upset, especially when someone makes a comment on her scar. She is willing to kill other witches, people, and even unarmed civilians.

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